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Sacred Games Actor Elnaaz Norouzi Stopped at Chicago Airport

Sacred Games Actor Elnaaz Norouzi Stopped at Chicago Airport
Chicago United States

Do you remember Zoya Mirza character from Netflix Series "Sacred Games"? Elnaaz Norouzi played the role. She has landed in a trouble. Due to her Iranian roots, she was stopped at the Chicago Airport. Authorities interrogated her. Because of his she missed her connecting flight to United States and after 6 long hours, she was able to catch next flight.

Source: Midday Report.

Currently, she in Los Angeles and trying her luck for some work.

"I had to stay in immigration for more than 3 hours or so and I was stopped by the officers to board my connecting flight. I hold a German passport and so I do not require a visa to travel to the United States. But due to my Iranian roots, I applied for a normal visa as Trump has put some ban on Iranis and they do not get ESTA anymore and that's why they wanted to double-check on everything," the actress told Mid Day.

"I was made to wait and they asked a lot of questions and due to the lengthy interrogation session, I missed out on my connecting flight. The next flight was after 6 hours so I had to wait at the airport for quite long and it felt like this journey was never-ending. It was quite tiring but all is fine now and now I am looking forward to meeting a few important agents in LA, now that I am finally here," she further said.

She is in the sequel part of Sacred Games "Sacred Games 2" which is yet to release on Netflix.