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Monday, March 16, 2020

Third death from Coronavirus pandemic in Denmark

Entire world is buckling up to fight with Coronavirus Pandemic. Various agencies have eyes on the statistics of COVID 19 virus infection rates and death rates due to this infection. Websites are built by google and Microsoft bing to monitor the statistics globally. And here in Denmark, officials confirm an elderly man's death due to this virus.

Coronavirus Covid 19
An elderly man in Copenhagen's Herlev Hospital had breathed last and officials had confirmed the reason behind the death is Coronavirus. However The patient was admitted due to other illnesses. Later on tests confirmed the positive sign of the virus in the body.

This is the second death in the hospital and third death in the Denmark. On Thursday night, an 80 year old in North Jutland was found to have been infected with the coronavirus after dying from a heart attack.

Sources believe the number of victims in Denmark is higher than the numbers that are publicly available. Confirming this, one of the official staff explained only serious patients are considered for treatment and patients with mild symptoms are asked to stay at home.

The number of death rate is increasing fast globally.