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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Ten Simple Practice stops gaining weight

Over Weight is result of bad practice in our daily routine life. Most of us work in a restricted environment which results in deposit of fat in the body. Apart from this, junk food, irregular sleep habit, and stress are important key factors behind over weight. Over weight is the treasure for serious health related issues. Thats why it is best to overcome from this.

Simple Solutions to lose weight

There are plenty of solutions available to handle the over height issue. But the best one is to follow certain practice which would not only help us to lose weight but also burn our fat.
  1. Morning Walk: Walking at least five kilometer daily can help to burn fat. Drink sufficient water before half an hour and then go for walk. Do not jog or run. Walk fast as if you have to catch a train in next one minute, you are at platform 1 and the train is at platform 15.
  2. Fast: There is a reason our great ancestors suggested us to keep fast frequently. Keeping one entire day fast is going to help a lot. During the day, drink sufficient water and avoid any hard physical work.
  3. Sugar: Best friend of Over Weight is Sugar. Avoid sugar strictly. Practice to consume tea or coffee with out sugar. Avoid coke or any similar beverages.
  4. Laugh: Laugh is the best medicine and cure to so many complicated disease. Avoid people who share their problems and make you feel sad. Always laugh no matter how tough has life become. Stay among those people who always crack jokes and laugh. Watch comedy shows, attend laugh therapy sessions. Goal here is to overcome stress. Stress is the ladder to depression. And depression is den continous loss.
  5. Food: Eat little amount of food but eat multiple times. Avoid rice. Avoid multiple purpose flour recipes such as Naan, Puri, Rumali roti, Samosa etc. Eat wheat flour roti. Dont use butter or ghee. Avoid oily food or spicy food.
  6. Water: Drink sufficient water. Drink even if you are not feeling thirsty. Drink atleast ten litres of water per day.
  7. Work: Do your own works. Such as washing clothes, purchasing grocery, cleaning floor, arranging your self. Walk through the staircase. Avoid lift.
  8. Avoid Car/Bike: Walk as much as you can. Walk fast. Opt public transport if you have to travel long distance. By this, you would get more chance to walk.
  9. Public Gatherings: Seminars, Bhajan Samarohs, Workshops etc. are conducted in most cities frequently. Attend them. By this, you would not only get new things to learn but also going to meet new people. It can help to reduce stress and engage your brain.
  10. Sleep: Sleep atleast eight hours per day. Do not sleep less or do not sleep more. Avoid day time sleeping.
These simple practices can help us to burn deposited fats in the body and stops further depositing of fats.
(If you are going through a medical treatment, then before following above guide, consult to the doctor)