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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Love Rival Murder Convicted Dosa King Dies

P.Rajagopal, 71 has been known as Dosa king, convicted of the murder of his love interest's husband, dies. Grew up from rags to riches, Rajagopal has created chain of restaurants (80) in India and around the world. His restaurant chains are present in London, New York, Singapore, Sydney and Stockholm.

Love rival murder convicted Dosa king dies

He has been convicted of the murder charages in 2004 but went to jail this month only when the supreme court rejected his final appeal. Saravana Bhavan Restaurant in chennai has global chain. The founder died at Chennai's Vijaya Hospital where he was taken on tuesday with heart problems. Before punishment, he pleaded to remain free due to his ill health. He landed at Madras High Court in ambulance wearing an Oxygen mask.
His struggle, hard work and rising to fame overshadowed by the crime he had committed. He was keen to marry a lady as his third wife. His trial heard that an astrologer had told him to marry the lady who was in her 20s but she was already wed and repeatedly rejected Rajgopal's advances. So he finally murdered the husband. Honourable Court convicted him in 2004 and sentenced him to 10 years in prison. He appealed in Higher court but it was rejected and the 10 year jail term increased to life imprisonment. Since then he kept on appealing to avoid the sentence.