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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Dongri Building Collapse: Injured Victim allowed to attend funeral

A part of four-storey building, which is believed to be 100 years old, collapsed in south Mumbai’s Dongri area on Tuesday morning around 11:40 am. At least 14 people have been declared dead, and many are still feared to be trapped under the debris.

Dongri Building Collapses

The NDRF officials confirmed the rise in the death toll on Wednesday and said the rescue operation is still underway. While rescuing people trapped in the rubble of Kesarbai building in south Mumbai’s Dongri area, bringing machines to the spot is one of major challenges being faced as JCB machine cannot enter the overcrowded area due to narrow lanes.
100 years old four storey building collapsed in South Mumbai's Dongri area on Tuesday morning around 11.40 am. 14 people have been declared dead and rest are going through treatement in various hospitals. One of the victim who was severely injured is Naved Ansari. He is currently going through treatment in JJ Hospital, Mumbai. He was trapped under the debris for several hours. He has lost his wife and two year old son in this mishap.
He requested authorities to attend the funeral and see his loved ones for the last time. 35 year old Naved Ansari requested police officers to help him. They arranged an ambulance for him. He was taken to Khoja Kabrastan in Umerkhadi to perform the last rites on Sana and two year old son. He has also lost his two cousins Zubair, 25, Muzammil, 13 in this accident. His cousins were here to visit Mumbai.
Doctor at JJ Hospital mentioned "Naved was trapped under debris. So he has so many cuts and wounds through out his body. He is going through treatment but is out of danger now. He can attend the funeral."